2019 Summer Volunteer Program:

Want to volunteer?

The goal of our volunteer program is to expose others to an effective research based camp environment that encompasses components of: modifications of sports and specialized treatments including aquatics. Those considering entering into the medical field of therapy or pediatrics are typically excellent volunteers. 

Volunteers may choose to participate in a week long camp, daily commitment or even activity specific (for example: only baseball); however, your request must be communicated the week before the camp you are assigned to begins.  We must ensure that we have enough volunteers to ensure the safety of our campers and may need to limit registration if we cannot cover our needs.


Sign up!

If you are interested in becoming a SUMMER CAMP volunteer, click the link below to view our Volunteer Application! This application can be submitted to leapingbeyond@allied-therapy.com or brought to our front desk! 

We need people like you to help make our program a success!